Coffee Cup Filled with Chewy Fruits 50G

delicious, these are similar to Skittles!


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C64d 26073

Cardboard coffee cup shaped container filled with Chewy Fruits (similar to Skittles). Comes with a lid. Decoration is by various options - we can put a label on the lid, a moon shaped label on the cup, a wrap label around the cup, a combination of the moon label and the lid label, a combination of the full wrap label and the lid label. All printing is by full colour digital printing, so your artwork is limited only by your imagination! Colours Chewy Fruit: Any mix of White, Blue, Green, Red, Yellow & Orange Flavours : White - Raspberry, Blue - Passionfruit, Green - Apple, Red - Strawberry, Yellow - Pineapple & Orange - Orange Please note - other confectionery is also available to be purchased in this style of packaging! Minimum order: 100   Lead time: 2 - 3 weeks

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