Foam or Puff Printed Lanyards

raise your logo above the surface!


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lan_puff 16327

Puff inks are simply chemically designed to puff up when cured or heat set in an oven. When the ink reaches curing temperatures, it will puff up and become raised off the surface. This was a very popular effect in the 1980's, but it still looks great now! The factory is able to pre dye the lanyard to any Pantone colour that you like, and match the puff print to any PMS colour. A wide variety of lanyard widths and attachments are also available. Minimum quantity - 500. Lead time 4 - 5 weeks, please ask for a price! Please note - the images shown are not necessarily on a lanyard, they are to show the effect of puff printing and what the surface of a material looks like.

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