Syringe Filled With Mini Jelly Beans

what a great way to help get your vaccination message across!


Product ID:
CC080A 37570

If you're trying to promote vaccination programmes, medical health, or just want something fun for a promotion, these plastic syringes contain 20gms of mini jelly beans. Select from mixed colours or corporate colours to help get your message across! Decoration is by a full colour printed sticker on one side and an Ingredient & Best Before label on the other side for each item. *NOTE* REMOVE TIP WHEN REFILLING. CHOKING HAZARD SUPERVISE CHILDREN. Colours Jelly Beans: Any mix of Black, White, Blue, Green, Red, Yellow, Orange, Purple & Pink. Flavour Jelly Beans: Black - Blackcurrant, White - Tutti Frutti, Blue - Blueberry , Green - Apple, Red - Strawberry, Yellow - Pineapple, Orange - Orange, Purple - Grape & Pink - Watermelon. *other confectionery is also available, please check our website! Minimum order: 100 Lead time: 2 weeks

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