Prism Foil Temporary Tattoo

the prism foil adds a whole new dimension!


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Tattfoil 25664

Paper transfer based tattoos printed in 4 colour process ink. Foil can be added to attain special effects. Available in flood, spot, gradient or patterned foil. Choice of four standard sizes. Apply Tattoo wet to skin lasts 3-5 days. Life depends on skin type, perspiration, etc. Can be removed using baby oil or rubbing alcohol. Temporary Tattoo inks are non-toxic and meet all USA FDA regulations. Made in USA. Multi images can be printed on larger sheet sizes. White ink background not extra cost. No set up charges. Refer Temporary Tattoo Catalogue and Art Preparation Guide for further details. Available in a wide variety of sizes - 38 x 38mm, 38x57mm, 50x50mm, 57x78mm, 78x102mm, 38x152mm Minimum order: 1000   Lead time: 4 weeks

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