Reusable drink bottles

We have been supplying a number of Events and promotions with reusable HDPE polyethylene drink bottles. These are supplied printed and are usually organised as a display besides water dispensers. Do check with the conference Venue first to make sure that they dont have catering contracts in place that prohibit taking of water into the venue. Some have very steep penalties to protect their in-house businesses.

- Nov-2013  Bev

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Ban on Plastic Bags

- Jul-2018  Bev

Put your brand on an environmentally sustainable solution

Ban on single use plastic bags, there has never been as good a time to promote with reusable sustainable fibre bags.

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Printed Cups for small runs

- Dec-2016  Sue


Now it is cost effective to do small batch runs of printed cups locally, from as little as 500 cups, within 2 weeks your logo or artwork can be in the hands of your clients or delegates.

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Spider II – All-in-one sync & charge

- Oct-2014  Bev


All-in-one sync & charge is an super user friendly all-in-one sync and charge USB-adapter. Supplied in handy soft silicon case. Suitable for most USB devices like smartphones and tablets. The Ultimate branding gadget. Keep all your cables organised and ready • A Silicon case USB adapter. • Has 4 different connectors: Lightning (iPhone5), 30-pin (iPhone4), […]

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Reusable drink bottles

- Nov-2013  Bev


Reusable dink bottles stop our dependence on single use plastic bottles.

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New Tablet Bag

- Nov-2013  Bev

tablet bag suits most tablets and ipads and e readers

Ausgifts has just released our new executive tablet bag. Will hold an ipad and an A4 spiral notepad !

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Ecocards environmentally friendly name cards

- Oct-2013  Bev


What a great idea, recyclable cardstock badges that dont require plastic pockets and can be disposed of cleanly at the end of your conference or event. Ecocards are made of strong recycled card that is die-cut in sheets that will go through your laser printer and print off name cards using a standard Avery template. […]

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JuTech Jute fibre tote bags

- Sep-2013  Bev


Jutech or Juco are Jute cotton blended fabrics with combine the strength of Jute with the soft feel of cotton

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